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Online tatkal ticket booking Official Website is (IRCTC) Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited. It's A Government of India Enterprise. You can book your tatkal ticket throuth IRCTC.We Provide All latest new fast irctc tatkal booking software. We offer you a lot of Tatkal Software like, Mac, ABSRedmirchy or Red mirchiB4U, BetaApple. Now a days Orarge working good. If you finding for opening ticket (120 days advance) iSmart is best choice for you. If you finding a Trail. It's aviailable for a small payment. There is no free demo available for IRCTC tatkal ticket booking.

Good New for Opnening Ticket Booker. New Software Red Apple Lunch 02-07-2018 specially Opening Ticket Booking. It's get  booking capcha in any reoute like GKP To LTT, SBB to LTT, BDTS To GKP, LTT TO GKP etc, at 08;00:00 am means 00 sec. Ticket will be book with in as per irctc rule. It also working good in Takal time AC 10:00 am SL 11:00 am. You Can take trail that means Demo. We Provide you 2 Days  for trail. First use and satisfied then take full version. We never provide all trails are payble. Please do't chat or call for free.

For Booking a ticket form irctc you need a User account. The user account also provide IRCTC. You also need Online Payment system just like, Net Banking, Debit card or Credit card. If all are available you can book a ticket form IRCTC. But this is matter of fact Online ticket booking is not so simple. Because it open 10:00 am for A.C. stay ticket only 50-60 sec. and 11:00 am open Non A.C. stay ticket only 60-120 sec. only. In this short time it not possible to book a ticket. So we provide some tools that means Tatkal Software. With this you can book a A.C. Ticket just Very Quickly and a Non A.C. ticket can book just few mints only.

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IRCTC offers online ticket booking facility for the convenience of the passengers. But IRCTC has tied up some of the rules for booking tickets immediately. What are the rules for booking tickets for this year? Find out. There are a few more convenient services for the passengers.

Ticket Booking Rules-
1) The AC ticket will start from 10am onwards and the non-AC instant ticket booking starts from 11am onwards.
2) If there is a 3-hour delay in the train ticket that you booked, then the passengers will be able to claim the full renting of the ticket.
3) If a quick train route is turned and if a passenger does not want to travel, then he will be able to claim the full refund.
4) If a particular coach of a passenger is separated from the train, and he is not given the same service, then the passenger can claim the full renting of his ticket.
5) If a passenger does not like to travel in lower class, and he is given lower classes, then he can ask for the full renting of the passenger ticket.


Indian Railways allow the seat or berth reserved in the name of a person under the following circumstances.
1. A confirmed railway ticket can be transferred to your blood relations. A ticket reserved under the name of a person can be transferred to his/her family members including father, mother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife.
2. Government officials can tranfer to other government official.
3. Students can transfer to an other student from the same institute.
4. National Cadet Corps can transfer the ticket to another cadet.
5. A passenger from a marriage party to another person from the marriage party.

 NOTE: For the above mentioned transfer of tickets, a written application MUST be submitted atleast 24hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train to the Chief Reservation Supervisor with ID proof. Also, for items 3, 4 and 5, such request for change in excess of 10% of the total strength of the group shall not be granted

IRCTC, the ticketing arm of Indian Railways, permits discount on a booked prepare ticket under specific conditions. While IRCTC permits discount through on the web and disconnected modes if there should arise an occurrence of wiping out of a general prepare ticket, no discount - or cash back - is allowed if there should be an occurrence of an affirmed Tatkal ticket. Tatkal tickets, presented by the Railways in 1997, are intended for travelers who need to movement at a short notice. In the online mode, through its gateway, IRCTC empowers prepare ticket holders - or travelers holding a customary prepare ticket, not Tatkal - to apply for discount of cash on ticket undoings. 

In online abrogation of tickets, the cash is come back to the traveler through a similar channel utilized for booking the railroad ticket, as indicated by IRCTC. In disconnected mode, the prepare ticket holder is required to visit a reservation counter. IRCTC just permits cash back if there should arise an occurrence of Tatkal ticket in select conditions. IRCTC charges certain retraction charges towards discount if there should arise an occurrence of crossing out of a prepare ticket (normal or Tatkal ticket) and discounts the rest of the sum. 

Indian Railways' guidelines on discount and wiping out of customary prepare ticket 

1. The Railways demands a clerkage charge of Rs. 30 for every traveler for wiping out of open, RAC (reservation against wiping out) and waitlisted prepare tickets under the open (below average) class. For the tickets of inferior (held) and different classes, a charge of Rs. 60 for each traveler is charged, as indicated by Indian Railways' site - 

2. Wiping out charge per traveler on affirmed (saved) tickets when completed 48 hours before the planned takeoff of the prepare expenses to Rs. 240 for first AC/official class. For 2 AC/first class, it expenses to Rs. 200. The charges for 3AC/3A economy is Rs. 180 while for sleeper class, the charges are estimated at Rs. 120. The abrogation charges for inferior are Rs. 60. 

3. Undoing charge per traveler on affirmed (held) tickets when done in the middle of 48 hours and 12 hours before the booked takeoff of the prepare costs 25 for every penny subject to least charge specified previously. Crossing out charge per traveler on affirmed (saved) tickets when done in the middle of 12 hours and 4 hours before the planned flight of the prepare costs 50 for every penny, subject to least charge as specified previously. No discount is given by Indian Railways after the above recommended time constrain. 

4. Halfway affirmed tickets can be dropped up to thirty minutes previously the planned flight of the prepare from the ticket counter, said Indian Railways. 

5. Discount on unused RAC/WL (Waitlisted) tickets is offered up to thirty minutes previously the booked takeoff of the prepare subject to finding of clerkage charge. 

6. In the event of abrogation of trains for online tickets, programmed discount is conceded. Recording of TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) isn't required. 

The Railways gives an online office to empower clients to discover the discount status of their dropped tickets continuously. This office can be gotten to through the Indianrail site, In the event that travelers have dropped their tickets, they can enter in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) quantities of the tickets to know the discount status. 

(Likewise read: How to document a TDR to look for discount) 

Discount if there should arise an occurrence of undoing of Tatkal ticket 

The Railways does not allow a discount if there should arise an occurrence of undoing of an affirmed Tatkal ticket. In any case, if there should be an occurrence of "unexpected scratch-off and waitlisted Tatkal ticket undoings", discounts are permitted after derivation of charges according to the standards. "Halfway wiping out of Tatkal e-tickets is permitted... In the event that the prepare is set apart as 'Dropped' because of breaks, surges, mishaps and so on full discount is passable in the event that the ticket is dropped inside three long stretches of the booked flight of the prepare. If there should be an occurrence of e-tickets, such abrogations should be possible by the client through Internet," as indicated by the IRCTC site. 

The Railways permits a full discount of toll and Tatkal charges on tickets booked under Tatkal conspire under the accompanying conditions, as per the transporter's site: 

1. On the off chance that the prepare is postponed by over three hours at the trip starting purpose of the traveler and not the boarding point if the traveler's excursion beginning point and boarding point are unique. 

2. On the off chance that the prepare is to keep running on an occupied course and traveler isn't willing to movement. 

3. On the off chance that the prepare is to keep running on redirected course and boarding station or the goal or both the stations are not on the occupied course. 

4. If there should arise an occurrence of non connection of mentor in which Tatkal settlement has been reserved and the traveler has not been given convenience in a similar class. 

5. On the off chance that the gathering has been suited in bring down class and does not have any desire to movement. On the off chance that the gathering goes in bring down class, the traveler will be given discount of contrast of passage and furthermore the distinction of Tatkal charges, assuming any. 

Step by step instructions to know the status of discount against dropped prepare tickets 

1. The client is required to sign in to the site Indianrail Refunds site - 

2. The client is then required to choose the 'Check Refund Status' alternative and enter his or her PNR points of interest. 

3. The site at that point shows the status of discount against retraction of prepare tickets booked through either on the web or disconnected modes.

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